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Whether you have been arrested or have been informally accused of a crime, criminal defense attorney Jae Y. Lee can provide invaluable insight regarding your rights and options at this phase of your case.

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The stakes are high in family law matters. In many instances, you are dealing with situations that will affect you profoundly on both an emotional and financial level.


If you are considering divorce, your life is about to change dramatically. This change can be for the better if you take the necessary steps to protect your rights, interests, and assets during divorce proceedings.


Faced with criminal charges? The consequences of a conviction can make a substantial impact on your life. Entrust a hard-working Englewood lawyer to fight hard to keep that from happening. Backed by over a decade of experience handling tough criminal defense cases, litigation matters, and jury trials, The Law Office of Jae Y. Lee, LLC has protected the freedoms of many individuals throughout New Jersey and New York.

In addition to standing up for the accused, we also navigate individuals through their family legal matters. To ensure that our dependable legal services are accessible to the local area, we take a practical approach and provide affordable rates to all of our clients. Let The Law Office of Jae Y. Lee, LLC keep your rights and best interests intact.

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Every lawsuit we handle receives the personal attention it needs. When you hire Attorney Jae Y. Lee to represent you, he will see your case through to the very end. We immediately become your trusted advocates when you turn to our firm. It’s our responsibility to ensure that you receive the guided insight needed to make informed decisions on your criminal defense or family legal matters. While we may advise you on the best-tailored solutions to your case, it’s still up to you to choose what’s right for your circumstances.

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The thorough road maps we provide to our clients give them a comprehensive understanding of the processes and procedures for their case, leaving no room for surprises. To attain the best grasp of the provided evidence, we constantly review and analyze the facts from every possible direction. Our staff is on-call 24/7 to address your legal goals and concerns. Committed to effectively navigating you through the complex legal system, you are guaranteed to be guided through the entire process—from A-to-Z—when you put The Law Office of Jae Y. Lee, LLC on your side.

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The risk of losing your liberty, or your family comes with serious repercussions. Turn to the Law Office of Jae. Y. Lee, LLC for trusted representation.

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I highly recommend Mr. Lee as I’ve used him on several matters which needed a particular expertise. He has handled a few municipal court matters, consumer fraud issue, landlord tenant issues and a contract dispute for me. He is well versed in many legal matters in addition to the ones I needed him for.

George K.
I had the unfortunate experience of being arrested for DWI in New Jersey. The arresting officer informed me that I would need to get a lawyer and would be facing heavy fines and a loss of license for at least 7 months. The next day, I started doing research online and my fears grew. I read how the results of the new Alcotest machine could not be refuted and NJ DWI penalties are rarely reduced. I thought to myself ‘why should I pay a lawyer just to go to court and plead guilty, pay fines and lose my license for 7 to 12 months.’ I was leaning towards hiring the cheapest lawyer I could find or even accepting a court appointed one with no charge. I called a friend (lawyer) who referred me to Jae Y. Lee. I set up an appointment and discussed my case. Jae was easy to speak to, straight forward and honest with me. He explained the details of the process along with all the costs involved. Throughout the entire process he was available through email or phone and always encouraged me to reach out to him if I was feeling anxious. There were other lawyers who were cheaper and also one that were more expensive but Jae’s fees were very reasonable and in line with my expectations. The day of my court hearing, I remember telling my friend that I would be willing to pay almost any amount to have my loss of license reduced from 7+ months down to 3 months. In my opinion the 4 months difference was significant. When I showed up to court, Jae greeted me with excellent news. He was able to present our findings and expert opinion to the prosecutor who then proposed a settlement, which included a reduction in my loss of license to the 3 months minimum. This was the best outcome I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Jae Y. Lee’s services, especially for DWI cases.

Client in Bergen County, NJ

I would like to thank Jae Lee for representing me in court. We had meetings prior, so we were on the same page, which was great. It all worked out well for me and I would recommend Jae Lee at any time.

Client in Bergen County

I was going through terrible divorce. Jae Lee reviewed my divorce case, and stated he would try to obtain alimony until I could get back on my feet as well as the child support for my daughter. Jae Lee fought for my case as if I were a part of the family, and was compassionate when I was stressed. Thank you Jae Lee for getting me my life back!

Client in Bergen County

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