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Have you been accused of fraud? If you have just become aware of a fraud investigation against you or if you have already been formally accused, you need to move fast and secure an attorney to protect your interests. Your freedom and your assets may be on the line.

As an Englewood fraud defense lawyer, Jae Y. Lee can offer the level of experienced representation you need. With his extensive litigation experience and his commitment to personalized client service, Attorney Lee can approach your fraud charges in such a way as to address your unique concerns while aggressively protecting your constitutional rights. Our firm handles fraud charges for clients across Bergen County and throughout New Jersey and New York.

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When it comes to fraud, law enforcement agencies may conduct lengthy investigations and surveillance in an attempt to build sufficient evidence for the prosecuting attorney to press charges. Attorney representation during a fraud investigation can prove invaluable. This can protect the accused from unreasonable searches, unlawful arrests, and other rights violations that, if allowed to occur, could lead to formal charges and a conviction. Englewood fraud attorney Jae Y. Lee provides pre-file investigation services to help clients at every stage of their case.

Challenging fraud charges may come down to building reasonable doubt in some aspect of the prosecution’s case, disproving one or more of the following:

  • The defendant purposefully obtained property from another by:
    • Creating or reinforcing a false impression;
    • Preventing another from obtaining information that would affect his or her judgment of the matter; or
    • Failing to correct a false impression previously made.

Disproving any aspect of a fraud case can effectively prevent a conviction or even result in a dismissal of charges altogether. At The Law Office of Jae Y. Lee, LLC we represent clients facing such charges as insurance fraud, health care fraud, identity theft, check fraud, charity fraud, credit card fraud, computer fraud, and more.

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