Family Law Attorney


The complexities of family life and family interactions have led to the creation of legal procedures and guidelines for families interacting with the judicial process. The term “family law” therefore refers to the rules, regulations, and court procedures involving the family unit. While a lot of family issues are resolved in the home or with other agencies outside of the court, some family issues need the expertise of a skilled attorney or even the ruling of a judge. Some of these more complex issues include divorces and child custody or visitation arrangements.

So what can a family law attorney help you with?

Procedures for determining the financial responsibilities of family members

This includes child support decisions.

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Marriage and other Legal Partnerships

Most eligibility requirements like age and gender are determined at the state level, so family law attorneys can help you find out the most recent information and paperwork. States may also have precedents for common-law marriages or domestic partnerships and family law attorneys will be aware of the specific and most recent regulations.

Divorce and Alimony Settlements

Often referred to as the “dissolution of marriage”, divorces require paperwork to be filled with the family court system, with or without legal representation, but lawyers can help streamline the process and advocate for their clients should the divorce be a bit of a messy or complicated process. Family law attorneys can also help clients through the alimony decision process and help clients receive money they may be entitled to following the dissolution of marriage.

Custody and Visitation of Children

When marriages are dissolved, the court and attorneys must take into consideration what the best interests of any children involved are. This includes living arrangements and fair visitation. Parents may have differing opinions regarding who the child should live with and who gets the children for specific holidays or family events, etc. The divorce process can be complicated, so family law attorneys are great for helping parents resolve their parental decisions and advocate for the best arrangement for the child(ren) involved.

Adoption and Foster Care

When children are unable to stay with or be in the care of their biological parents, a variety of legal considerations arise. Adoption and foster care are often grouped together but are vastly different in terms of legal procedures and processes. Foster care typically works to place the child in the temporary care of a relative or foster family until adoption can be completed or until the child can be returned to their biological family, whereas adoption on takes place after the parental rights have been terminated and the child will permanently be placed under the care of their adopter.

Either way, the adoption and foster care process requires a lot of paperwork to be completed and submitted to the court and involves several hearings and decisions issued by judges. Attorneys can help families navigate this process smoothly and ensure the child is receiving a beneficial ruling.

Reproductive Rights

Laws governing abortion procedures, healthcare access, and artificial conception are determined at the state level and are continually changes as medicine and ethics advance. Having a family law attorney can be extremely helpful to understand and receive the most up to date information about your reproductive rights.

Domestic Violence, Child Abuse & Neglect

While these violations may be handled in criminal court, some charges may be handled within family court and involve a family law attorney.

This is just a little snippet of the work that family law attorneys can assist with and some of the issues that may warrant the need for a lawyer. Our family law center provides information about marriage, child support, custody, divorce, reproductive rights, adoption, surrogacy, paternity, domestic violence, and other relevant topics pertaining to the family unit and family court system. Most lawyers offer free consultations, so it may be worth your time to speak with an attorney about any questions or concerns you have, to get a better understanding of whether or not you may benefit from hiring a family law attorney.

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