Child Custody Attorney


Child custody is one of the most disputed areas of family law. Although New Jersey law dictates that both parents are equal in regard to custody rights, it can be extremely difficult to negotiate a workable custody arrangement. Child support will also typically arise in these cases, adding another complexity that must be addressed.

In approaching child custody and other family law matters, it is crucial to have a New Jersey child custody attorney on your side who will protect your interests. You do not want to lose custody or be left without support as a result of inadequate representation. Custody proceedings are complicated and are definitely important enough to warrant the involvement of a family lawyer.

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Child custody lawyer Jae Y. Lee has unique qualifications when it comes to family law matters. He served as a law clerk to a family court judge in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen County, and has continued to represent clients in these cases in private practice. He has over 15 years of legal experience to apply to your child custody case.

Attorney Jae Lee can address the following custody-related matters:

  • Joint custody: When parents share legal and/or physical custody of a child. The child may reside primarily with one parent, but will spend time with the other parent on a regular basis, or may spend equal amounts of time residing with each parent.
  • Sole custody: When a parent has sole legal and/or physical custody of a child. The other parent may have parenting time (visitation) depending on the situation.
  • Visitation: When a non-custodial parent has supervised or non-supervised visitation time (called parenting time in New Jersey) with a child.
  • Support: Custody arrangements may affect child support as well. Even if parents share custody, one parent may pay the other child support to help with living costs, education, clothing, food, etc.

In addition to representing parents seeking custody or resolving custody in a divorce, our firm handles custody issues for grandparents and other family members when parents are unable or unfit to care for their children.

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